Why Darlene?


  •   Darlene is a great loan agent. I refer all of my buyers who need a lender to her. I know my buyers will be in good hands. She takes as much time as needed to explain in detail their loan options. Real estate agents are dependent on a good loan agent and I know I can depend on Darlene. Once Darlene says the buyer is qualified to purchase a home, I know they are qualified. Many times we have won in multiple offer situations because of Darlene. She has a stellar reputation in the industry and a loan approval from her is rock solid.

    thumb Beverly H.

      Darlene was amazing to work with. She was always quick to respond and went above and beyond! As a first time homebuyer, she explained everything to me along the way while assisting me get my dream home. I could not have done it without her help and hard work!

    thumb Nathan W.

      Darlene helped my first home buyers achieve their dream in becoming home owners. She was so on top of everything every step of the way! Their home buying process went without a hitch all thanks to Darlene and her hard work! She was able to get our clients closed on their first home within 14 days! If you are looking for a trusted lender, look no further!

    thumb Amanda G.
  •   Darlene and team are just awesome!!!

    Being a first time home buyer we had a lot of unknowns going into this crazy competitive Bay Area market but thanks to Darlene/team who guided through all the unknowns and gave us the best home buying experience. Our mortgage process from start and finish went very smooth and they endured that we get the best interest rates (along with lender credits).

    If you are a first time home buyer like us then I'd highly recommend to go to Darlene/team at the Cross Country Mortgage LLC. for your mortgage.

    Thanks Darlene!!

    thumb Sai A.

      Darlene and her team were amazing. I was not prepared for all the requirements to get a loan these days (those dam underwriters!). Lots of details and a ton of follow up. Darlene's team walked me through it all with a smile. Not only did Darlene get me a great rate, but she personally discussed my options and made me feel good about my choice.
    Darlene also took the extra step of introducing me to finacial services group that have so far been great!
    I highly recomend Darlene and her team. We finally have our go to person for loans and refis!

    thumb Keith O.

      Darlene is superb at her job!

    Darlene was referred to me by a realtor I know. My client and I needed to speak to with a professional who was knowledgeable about the different kinds of loans available, and the processes involved in obtaining a loan to purchase real estate from an estate of someone who had recently passed. The transaction was particularly technical, as property tax issues on an inherited home were involved. Darlene spent a lot of time walking me through the entire process and discussing all of my client's options in great detail. She was extremely patient and thorough, and answered all of my questions.

    Darlene also set up a conference call with me and my client to walk the client through her options and answer any of my client's questions. The information given during that call was clear and concise, and Darlene explained the possible outcomes for each scenario. Darlene went the extra mile by following up with various county agencies to get answers to questions that came up during the conference call, and informed both me and my client of her findings the next day. Notably, my client did not end up needing to obtain a loan, yet Darlene spent all of this time with both of us!

    Darlene's is extremely professional, knowledgeable and honest. She is very easy to talk to, and open to providing guidance that is useful and easy to understand. I would highly recommend Darlene if you need a loan - she possesses a great amount of integrity and is extremely professional.

    thumb Erica B.
  •   Our family was working with Darlene for about 9 months and I can confidently say that she is the best at what she does. Darlene is responsive, and when she is busy, she would text me to let me know that she will give me a call back. She is knowledgeable. She always explained and guided us so that we would get the best rates for our needs. Darlene went above and beyond during our home buying process. She cared about our finances and went out of her way to make sure we made the right decisions. When we got into a compromised position on our first accepted offer, she talked to the seller's agent, then made sure we knew what we were getting into. When we finally found our home, she made a 15 day close happen! Her team is nothing short of amazing! They even sent my daughters a moving day book to help them understand moving into a new home. In short, I trust Darlene with everything I have.

    thumb Gracielle P.

      Darlene helped us with our loan and gave us excellent service! I can not recommend her enough! She is professional and is always available for you! She is a problem solver and has tremendous experience in this field. She goes above and beyond for you and your needs! We will use her for all of our upcoming loan needs.

    thumb Michele W.

      Darlene helped me and my family get the lowest rate for our refi. She's very professional and knowledgeable. She's trustworthy and dedicated to what she does. We appreciate her and her staff for making our refi process as smooth as possible. Thanks Darlene and Cross Country Mortgage team.

    thumb Gilbert N.
  •   I was very lucky to have Darlene helped me with my home loan. She went above and beyond to explain every detail about the loan process and the breakdown of costs so I wouldn't have any surprises, and she did this in a very professional, friendly, and timely manner. She made the entire process so much easier! I highly recommend working with her.

    thumb Esteban T.

      I gratefully refinanced my property through Darlene and her AMAZING team. The presence of the highest level of comfort, pristine business, and professionalism since second number one, were a remarkable welcome to a field I thought it was always supposed to be stressful and complex.

    The information was always given concisely, clear, and calmly. I never was pressured to make a decision nor pushed to make move. To the contrary: Darlene and her team would always offer the information, "paint" the different scenarios of choices, and lay out the pros and cons.

    The friendly, yet professional approach, would always offer a sense of control and direction, topped with a great deal of mentorship from the whole team. Likewise, communication was always prompted and accessible: either my text messages, phone calls, and/or emails.

    To the reader: Just send an email or make a quick phone call. Your are potentially just one step away from a great business deal and a greater life choice!

    To Darlene, Gabriela, and Heysell: MUCHAS GRACIAS! THANK YOU SO MUCH!! You have definitely brought peace of mind to our lives, made (and fixed) our finances to a remarkable level, and made us feel at home more than ever... We'll be in touch! 🙂

    thumb Raul A.

      Darlene offered recommendations with respect to my unique circumstances.
    What I loved about Darlene Espinoza, was in the beginning of the process, her calming voice and listening to my needs. She took time sharing information what she saw to be my plan of action, and throughout the process her Communication was key! Darlene and team made sure I knew what was happening with my mortgage as it progressed through the process and were available to answer my questions whenever they arose. She was with me every step of the way, from application to closing and beyond! I cannot say enough GREAT things about the TOP NOTCH service I received!!
    I recommend if you are looking to refinance, buy a new home or if you are a first time buyer, her expertise is hard to find & I promise you will be happy! Thank you Darlene Espinoza & Team for making my life easier, you will always have my business!

    thumb Laurie M.
  •   I had the privilege and pleasure of working with Darlene Espinoza on my most recent transaction. Darlene is a true professional and is very good at her craft. She was always responsive and communicated clearly with all parties involved. She is patient and has the ability to remain calm in any given situation. This, to me, translates into a high level of expertise, reliability, and confidence. I highly recommend Darlene and her team to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy lender!

    thumb Lana N.

      I had the opportunity to work with Darlene, on one of the most challenging transactions of my 43-year career. I am a Realtor, who represented the Buyer, on the sale of a home in Brentwood. Unbeknownst to me, this home had been entangled in bankruptcy, impending foreclosure dates, HOA & IRS liens and more. All of this over a 3-year period. During this time, the seller transferred her ownership to another party, under circumstances that were obviously to avoid the loss of the home to Foreclosure, as well of trying to avoid paying off the liens on the home. This created a cloud on the ownership. Why is this important to the story? This is the only home my client wanted. On day 5 of the escrow, the cloud on ownership came up in title. We had 40 days to foreclosure, and a mess to mitigate thru. Darlene jumped in immediately to go into problem resolution mode. Digging deep into teaming with myself, the Buyer and the title company to help get us to a place where we could close this loan and escrow. We spoke 3-5 times a day, for over a month. Texts and emails were answered immediately. Her sense of calm, and focus on resolution, was nothing I ever experienced with a lender. Darlene executed on every task at hand, while harnessing the Buyers loan details. There is so much more to this story. The result is Darlene did not treat this as a loan to close, but as a client that she would go above & beyond for, even if at times, none of us thought we could pull this off. If you are looking for a lender to circle the globe for you, stay focused on your goals, and has the highest level of integrity, Darlene is your gal!

    thumb Trish O.

      Recently, I needed questions answered about a loan and a transfer of deed for an inherited home. Darlene spent a ton of time answering questions for my lawyer and i and even called the county assessors office for us. This was AFTER she mentioned that we didn't need actually secure a loan from her. Her honesty and integrity were amazing such that I will seek her out for my next loan! I would recommend her whole-heartedly!!

    thumb MM O.
  •   Darlene is the only loan agent who has paid close attention to what I needed and wanted, providing me several loan options each time. She researched both short term and long term options. Originally I had chosen a 15-year loan with another agent a few years ago, but that actually wasn't a great idea because I was heading to retirement. Darlene showed me how to lower my monthly expenses, and increase my interest deduction! I refinanced my home twice in the last year with her, cutting my payment in half. And I paid off my line of credit. She is smart, quick and is 100% focused on building relationships with her clients. I wouldn't consider anyone else.

    thumb Kitty C.

      Darlene and her Team at Cross County Mortgage delivered outstanding performance during the purchase of our home. We were kept informed every step of the way and she was always available to answer any questions we had. She provided more information than we expected and even was present on the day of signing and provided food and drinks on the day of our move in.

    thumb Justin C.

      Everything went great. Super professional and kind . Excellent level of quality and effort . 10/10 would recommend to anyone .

    thumb Austin M.
  •   Darlene helped us both find and finance a home when we had lost hope after multiple offers in the Bay Areas. We were just about to give up for a while after, yet again, not even making the top three offers, when Darlene reached out about the perfect home for us that had not yet been put on the market. She was very understanding of our budget and walked through every aspect of the mortgage to ensure that our monthly payment came in under the maximum we told her. We honestly couldn't be happier with our new home and with Darlene!!!

    thumb Briana V.

      Darlene is a professional and efficient loan agent. She helped me and a friend with our refinancing needs. Now she is helping my nephew buy his first home. She is trustworthy and I am happy with my experience with her and her team. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

    thumb Christie F.

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